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Real wedgies , No models No script, Donation run

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Hey guys, as many of you know we have been off line for a while. We have  receive many emails of people cussing us out because we’re not posting content. keep in mind that you’re getting this content for  free. Your not paying a membership every month or paying for each video you watch . Now if you guys need to know  momo has been in and out of the hospital. So for those of you sending emails and stuff like that remember we have lives as well we are not working for you. So if you can send your get well wishes instead of being jerks  that would be great.

Email us: MomoandZombie@gmail.com

Add us on Twitter:  Momoandzombie

Much Love,

Momo & Zombie

We’ll have some amazing new videos up soon! In the meantime you can watch your old favorites in the archive. Feel free to tell your friends or link to our site, but please don’t copy our pictures or videos. We’d like to keep our content on our site.


23 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I posted one comment and I don’t know if it was jerky or not, but I’m going to apologize regardless. You guys are seriously great, you do all of these videos for free and that gives you an A+ in my book!
    Cheers, best wishes for you momo. Don’t come back until you’re all better!

  2. Wow so sorry that people have been cussing you when as you said the content is free I hope if you or mono or anyone you know is not well that they get well soon

  3. Get well soon Momo! I know this is late, but I finally read the description. I hope you make a full recovery and get back to making videos soon! You have a whole month to catch up on! :)

  4. honestly you would be way justified in banning whoever emailed you like that. I mean you guys dont live for us and can do whatever the hell you want. Also hope all the hospital stuff gets worked out

  5. I just want to let you guys know that I pray for you every night. I hope that momo is recovering from what ever she has and that you know I will support you no matter what.

  6. your a waste of a post they provided good content they didnt have to post anything but they did so lay off jerk you dont like it leave no one asked you to be negative i see why they dont post BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU WANNA BE A DICK ABOUT IT

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